Convert PCF to PSF (Console font)

Convert PCF to PSF (Console font)

First get the bdf2psf from here:

and the bdf version of gohufont:

Extract gohufont-bdf-2.0.tar.gz ...

Extract bdf2psf_1.54_all.deb with:

bsdtar -xf bdf2psf_1.54_all.deb data.tar.gz && tar xvf data.tar.gz

It will extract in your current directory as usr/{bin,share}.

cd to ./usr/bin


./bdf2psf --fb gohufont-uni-11.bdf /whateverpath/current/usr/share/bdf2psf/standard.equivalents 
/whateverpath/usr/share/bdf2psf/required.set+/whateverpath/usr/share/bdf2psf/useful.set 512 /path/to/gohufont-uni-11.psf

Now get to a console using CTRL+ALT+F1 .

Log in as root. Cd to dir containing the gohu psf font. Run:

setfont gohufont-uni-11.psf

Link to my original howto:
Arch Linux Post on Console Fonting